The new DEINFO software with over 3,000 frequency complexes for programming the DEVITA AP and the DEVITA RITM


The DEINFO USB allows the you to input new frequencies and therapy programmes onto your DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM devices.

deta_therapy8There are over 3,000 frequencies to choose from, covering a large array of microorganisms as well as organ pathologies covering most diseases known to medicine.

The DEINFO USB can be updated online for free – updates are available 2-3 times per year at least.

This is another innovative device from the Deta Elis range of products, and includes the following benefits:

  • DEINFO does not require installation on your computer and when it is plugged into your computers USB slot it is immediately recognized as flash drive. It works on the following operating systems Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8. It will not work on Macs and newer versions of Windows beyond Windows 8.
  • DEINFO will automatically recognize whether the Deta AP or Deta Ritm is connected to it and will adjust its database to that device automatically.
  • DEINFO contains 1600 programs for the DEVITA RITM and 1540 programs for the DEVITA AP
  • DEINFO can withstand very high temperatures in excess of  2,265 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing one to leave it attached to your computer for long periods of time without overheating. 
  • DEINFO allows you to store data and the patients medical history in its archives.
  • DEINFO supports the following languages: Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Check out the training webinar below that takes you through the use of the Therapy 8 USB software and guides you in its proper use and setup.

Deta Elis Therapy 8 Training Video for the General Public

Layman’s Guide to Using the Therapy 8.0 Programme with the DETA AP 20

The two links below detail the list of programmes that the DEINFO device contains for programming both the DEVITA AP (1,500 programmes) and the DEVITA RITM (1,600 programmes) – we have separated them for clarity:

List of Programmes for the DEVITA RITM


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