Treating my Skin Problem with the Deta Cosmo

My name is Peter and I am 20 years old. Four years ago I have a bad skin problem which led me to feel depressed and withdrawn – I was embarassed to socialise with people.

As I was desperate to find a cure for my ailing skin, I tried many ointments, lotions, creams, antibiotics, blood transfusions and even plasmaphoresis. Unfortunately, after spending a lot of money, the cure was not in sight.

I was very disappointed at the fact that medicine could not help with my condition.

One day a friend invited me to the presentation of a new medical device which was helping a lot of people with difficult-to-solve health problems.

I came across and learned about the Deta-Cosmo device and only after 5 sessions for the first time in my life I began seeing a difference to my skin.

In a short while, my skin began to clear completely, as you can see in the before and after pictures above.

I was truly grateful to the inventor of such a miraculous device – thank you Dr Sergey Konoplev for your invention!



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