Neurological problems treated with the Deta Professional bioresonance therapy

In one of the Deta-Elis presentations, the following case was presented that is an interesting example of a 33-year old man who had to abandon his Ph.D. studies due to illness. was suffering from an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.

This created a number of symptoms such as photophobia, hypersensitive to noise, hypersensitive to touch, to smells, vomiting, excessive sweating leading to severe dehydration and collapse.

He had seen medical specialists in Greece, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris and was thoroughly tested using modern medical tests. He was given Vallium, Lexotanil, Zyprexa, Seropram, and many more drugs to no avail.

He began seeing psychologists and psychiatrists, but the symptoms were gradually increasing in frequency and in intensity. Then epileptic-type fits had began that increased to daily crises. He tried homeopathy and acupuncture, but this was no very helpful either.

He eventually saw a Deta bioresonance practitioner in Greece who diagnosed Salmonella, a bacteria producing many toxins effecting the nervous system.

He was treated and completely cured  using the Deta Professional bioresonance device along with autonode homeopathics.

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