Treating auto-immune disease, high fever and Sarcoidosis with the Deta AP bioresonance device

My Name Is Georgia and I am 53 years old, born in Thessaloniki, where I live.

After a bad minning accident in 1997, I had badly damaged my right elbow. After seeing numerous orthopaedic surgeeons in a 5-year period, with numerous opinions I was no better off for health.

After all this time, I was left with two serious health problems:

1) Compromised immune system
2) Pulmonary Fibrosis – Sarcoidosis

I spent hours every month receiving my medications from the health ministry at a cost of over €2,500 per month which was covered by my health insurance.

From 2003 I began to have frequent respiratory infections, recurring bouts of pneumonia which resulted in a constant fever of 39 – 40 degrees centigrade, with a constant cough and wheezing with a severe swelling in the face.

In all the tests that I had during this period, the diagnosis was always pneumonia and I was given antibiotics and sent home.

I saw other doctors as well as a homeopath, but the problem continued, with additional symptoms such as tinnitus and vomitting.

Even though my fever was always high and I was forced to take antipyretic drugs, I had to go to work on a daily basis.

During this time I had visited another alternative medicine practitioner who practiced iridology, and amongst other things pointed out that my mouthful of amalgam fillings, with 50% mercury, was not helping my immune system.

I had these removed and indeed the severe swelling of my face disappeared.

In March 2007 I returned from a trip to the USA with bouts of breathlessness, high fever in the 40′s, feeling cold, dizziness and buzzing in the ears. I stayed 15 days in a chest clinic with a diagnosis of bronchiectasis. I was given injectable antibiotics and booked in for a bronchoscopy.

After seeing more than 25 specialists with a number of diagnoses such as rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, and even AIDS.

I was again hospitalized for dehydration as a result of high fever, profuse sweating and vomitting and losing 18kg. After a further bronchoscopy, another bacteria was found and I was given cortisone therapy.

In 2011 I was found in a comotose state by my son and was again hospitalized with a diagnosis of subarachnoid cerebral haemorrhage. The doctors said that I would have brain damage.

In January 2013, some friends told me about a Centre where they used bioresoance as a diagnostic tool. It sounded interesting but I was mentally tired, fatigued and broke.

After testing, the doctor found Lamblia, a protozoan, as well as problems in the gastrointestinal system as well as harmful bacteria in my gut and blood.

I was given a small device from the Deta-Elis company that worked on the principle of bioresonance. I was to use this in my home and work, as it was no bigger than a mobile phone and it would sit in my pocket.

In a short period of time the vomitting left, my cholesterol levels fell, I stopped taking pills for my stomach, no more cortisone or dizziness. My friends began to comment that I was looking more healthy, my immunological markers had all increased to a healthier level and no more tinnitus.

The doctor using the Deta-Elis diagnostics identified the causes of my symptoms and we began to eliminate these using the Deta-Elis AP bioresoance device. This is amazing technology and I am truly thankful for the scientists that have given such a big gift to humanity.

Thessaloniki 30th June 2013


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