Arthritic Pain Treated with Deta Devices

Arthritis-4WI have had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for nearly 30 years. The RA was very aggressive in the early stages and caused quite a bit of damage to my joints as the photos of my hands show.

I have tried many healing methods, both medical and natural methods.  Some helped, some did not, but over the years I was able to slow down the progression and also to reduce pain killers to about 1 per week.

It was not only the pain, but the whole body inflammation with its many other manifestations such as poor sleep, finding it difficult to get up in the mornings, and the general lack of enthusiasm that people with auto immune diseases like myself have to deal with.

When I heard about the Deta Elis bioresonance devices, I was immediately excited, because I saw the tremendous potential of a portable, easy to use, bio-resonance device. I have studied and used the Rife machine, the Hulda Clark zapper, the SCIO etc, so I was completely affay with the technology. One of the greatest draw backs of the old school bio-resonance devices is that you have to spend so much time strapped to one of these devices, either at home (and most are costly, not at all user friendly and often not targeted enough) or at a therapists office, which also becomes very costly.

I immediately bought a Deta AP, to get rid of the parasites, which were either causing, or contributing to my illness and a Deta Ritm to support and build up the affected organs.


After only one week of using these devices, I was sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.
After one month I was able to cut my pain meds in half. I was only taking about 1 per week, but was pretty desperate for the meds nearing the end of the week.

Each day thereafter, I was feeling a lessening of whole body inflammation which I had been experiencing. I started enjoying life again, became enthusiastic again, was getting involved in the projects I was hoping to work on.  Life felt good again.

At the time of this writing, I have been using the Deta devices for nearly 4 months, and it has been 6 weeks, since I last used any pain killers. No more medications!

Am I totally out of the woods yet? I don’t think quite yet as I wish to see some reversal to the damage done to my joints over the years.

If you wish to communicate with me, you may e-mail me at and I will do my best to respond promptly.

Ingrid Marshall

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