DEINFO allows the practitioner to easily input new frequencies and therapy programmes onto their patients Deta-Elis.

Product Description

T-8The DEVITA DEINFO USB is the new generation programming USB that replaced the older generation “Therapy 8.0″.

The DEINFO allows you to programme the DEVITA AP and the DEVITA RITM devices with over 3,000 frequency programmes.

This software comes on a USB Memory Stick – one end simply plugs into your computer, the other into the DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM devices. There is no need to install any programmes on your computer.

The Therapy 8.0 USB is updated on a regular basis with new frequencies for different microbes as well as organ systems based on ongoing research by Deta Elis.

Whenever the DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM is bought, the DEINFO is a natural add-on as it enables the purchaser to programme their devices to suit their specific health problems, and is not only reliant on the pre-installed programmes.

This enables people to change the programmes on their devices to suit themselves, their loved ones and their pets.

Always remember to UPDATE the programmes the first time you plug in your DEINFO USB and continue updating about once monthly.DEINFO-T-8

These are some of the programmes that the DEINFO USB contains for use with various ailments:

Download the list of programmes for the DEVITA AP

Download the list of programmes for the DEVITA RITM

All devices have a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from point of ordering if not satisfied.

Watch the video on how to programme the DEVITA AP and RITM using the DEINFO USB


If for any reason you have a problem with your USB (sometimes Anti-virus programmes can erase files), then simply follow the instructions below to reinstate it – the procedure is simple and many people have managed to get their DEINFO USB up and running again.

To overcome the DeInfo (Therapy 8) problems, please follow the link:

Then download the following instruction sheets:






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