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Register nowThe Network Registration pack is for all those people that are interested in becoming active members of the network. The Deta Elis company charge a standard 40 Euro registration fee. Once you are active in the Deta Elis network then you will be rewarded every time you recommend a device to a friend or loved one. In order to fully activate yourself in the network you need to purchase one device with a minimum value of 250 Euros. It is best to do this AT THE SAME TIME as when you pay for the Network Registration so we can proceed to register you IMMEDIATELY.

See some videos on the Network and how it works:

Deta Elis Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Once registered, you will automatically receive your username and password that allows you to enter your back-office to monitor your commissions and bonus points.

Please Note: Please DOWNLOAD the APPLICATION FORM and complete it and send it back to – we require this information to correctly register you.

You may also send a copy of this to any client you sponsor who wants to register themselves in the Deta Network. application form 7

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