There have been a number of questions regarding how Deta Networkers can place orders, access their back office and place orders, as well as access any funds from commissions and bonus points. This is written to help answer these questions.

Once someone pays the 40 Euros registration fee that the Deta company request for registration, then they will be manually registered by us and activated. Please note that it is best to pay the registration when purchasing your devices as you cannot be activated in the Deta Network unless you purchase at least one device. You will not receive a commission for these first devices, but you will for each order you sponsor thereafter.

Once active  in the Deta Network, any other people you sponsor from here on in you will receive the commission and the bonus points on the devices they buy. Please note that you are simply recommending the devices to other people, not actually selling them, as only the company sells the devices, so everyone buys from the company.

Once registered and active, you will have a Back Office with you commission details – however, this is still in Russian as the English global back office is not planned to be completed until the end of 2017. This Back office is difficult to use at present and people abroad cannot order directly as the company does not send out to non-European countries. We will not automatically send your back office details unless you request it, as time restrictions do not allow us to individually teach you all the complex details of the Back office – besides you will not be able to place orders directly anyway.

This is where we ( become a bridge between the Deta Russian company with main offices now in Greece and Cyprus, and the rest of the English-speaking world.

We will place your orders under you in your back office so that you get the commission and bonus points, physically receive and dispatch your orders in a timely manner.

You may either purchase directly from the website or ask for a proforma invoice from us. For smaller orders the website is fine, but for larger orders we prefer to send you the proforma invoice and you pay the company directly into their bank account in Cyprus.

The prices on the website incorporate all additional hidden costs such as PayPal commissions, bank transfer fees for transferring from PayPal to the companies account, packing charges, freight charges to Europe and then on to all other destinations worldwide.

You may off course access your Back office and see your bonus points and commissions as you introduce more people. You may either use these commissions to purchase new devices, or you may request to have the funds transferred to your PayPal account, minus the 2.9% commission that PayPal charges us – simply send us an email to We will then transfer your funds to our back office and send you these funds via Paypal.

This is how the system works at present until the global English-speaking website is built which will make our work a lot easier and you will be able to access and place orders yourselves.


Dr Maria Georgiou, Ph.D.,MA.,B.A.

Deta Elis Administrator


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