If practitioners want to input their OWN frequencies into the DEINFO USB, this is possible, but only for the DEVITA RITM, not the DEVITA AP. It is important to understand this as many practitioners are still asking questions why they cannot program their DEINFO for the AP – it simply will not allow you to!

Here are the steps you need to follow to programme bespoke frequencies into the DINFO for use with the DEVITA RITM:

  1. Plug the DEINFO USB into your computer using Windows – it does not support Apple Macs.
  2. Go to User Program by clicking on the blue symbol entitled “DeInfoFW”
  3. Plug in your DEVITA RITM
  4. You will see an image at the bottom of the screen “Interaction with the Device” – this means that the software is seeing the device OK
  5. It is best to update the DEINFO with the latest updates by clicking on Updates
  6. Go to USER PROGRAMMES on the top menu and choose “Programme DEVITA RITM”
  7. Press the 1st icon “Add a Category” at the top under “List of Programs” and a window will open up asking you to name the new category that you are creating, e.g. IMMUNE SYSTEM – best placed in capital letters – at this stage you may also choose the language that you wish to use – press CREATE and the window will close and you will see the programme appearing in the left-hand window at the top
  8. Place a tick in the little box next to the new programme you have created and click the GREEN + button
  9. A new window will open entitled “CREATION OF PROGRAMS”
  10. Here you can name your programme E.g. Immune Stimulation – this is for your own use
  11. Then give it a name that will appear on the device itself in the window entitled “Name on the Device” – this name will appear on the screen of your patient’s RITM
  12. Now begin to insert the list of frequencies that you wish to use for this particular programme – Immune Stimulation. The RITM only works between 0 – 100 Hz, so you cannot include any higher frequencies than 100 Hz.
  13. You may include up to 80 different frequencies for each program you create
  14. Next, describe the programme in the “Description of Program” window below – you will only see this, so it can be a description to help you, such as “a program to help stimulate phagocytic activity”
  15. If you ever want to edit your description, simply click on the “Edit the detailed description” link in blue and it will open the window that allows you to do this.
  16. Once you have completed entering the frequencies, you can click “Save” and the programme will now appear under the Category you created in the left-hand window
  17. Ticking the box next to it will allow you to see the specific frequencies you entered in the “Frequencies” window at the bottom-left of your screen
  18. You may now transfer this program to the RITM device in the normal way that you would any other programme, using the right green arrow at top.
  19. When you open the List of Programs by clicking “PROGRAMS” at top, the list of programs will open up and your newly created programs will be at the bottom of this list
  20. If you ever wish to edit the frequencies you have entered, simply click on the 3rd image under “List of Programs” which is entitled “Edit” as soon as you put your mouse over the image


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