Alternatives to Antibiotics – Conference in the UK on DETA technology!

flu virus b2Dear colleagues and friends,

A lot of exciting things are happening in the field of Natural Medicine, with many experts in the field pooling their knowledge to present to the public many cutting-edge topics.

One exciting conference with international speakers in the UK that is open to all will present “Alternatives to Antibiotics” and is definitely worth attending.

I will personally be presenting on November 2nd, how bioresonance therapy, and specifically new innovative Russian technology can help eradicate all sorts of parasites, protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

There are also other famous practitioners from different parts of the globe that will present their own scientific alternatives to antibiotics. The less we can rely on antibiotics, with all their potential side effects, the better for us and our loved ones.

For all health practitioners who may be in the UK on November 1st, the British Naturopathic Association is presenting “The Renaissance of Naturopathic Retreats.”

I again will be presenting how Holistic Medicine can be used to effectively treat chronic, degenerative diseases with no drugs or surgery.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Best wishes

Dr George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,D.Sc (HM).,M.Sc.,B.Sc
Holistic Health Practitioner

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