This is a revolutionary concept in the field of cosmetics – 24K Gold nanotechnology cosmetics that do not work in a chemical way, but use the laws of physics to be able to eradicate wrinkles and pores as well as nourish deeper layers of the skin that normal chemical cosmetics cannot reach.

The astounding results can be seen within 20 minutes only after one application!

The TRAVEL KIT allows for 4 treatments over a 4-week period.

It is possible to treat two people at the same time as there is enough ingredients in each sachet to cover two people’s faces, but the treatments must be conducted at the same time otherwise the ingredients will dry out.

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Product Description

Plastic Surgery and Botox®

downloadBotox® applications are growing at an incredible rate all over the world.  A procedure that was once exclusive to women, it is now becoming more and more popular with men too. Of the number of world-wide nonsurgical procedures performed by Plastic surgeons, Botox was number one with about 40%, with Hyaluronic Acid being second with around 25%.

Of the plastic surgical procedures, the most popular is Lipoplasty – 20% –  (removing excess topical fat) followed by breast augmentation (about 20%).

There are indeed many thousands of men and women spending large amounts of money undergoing these surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with all the potential side-effects.

A Natural Alternative to Botox® and Plastic Surgery

What if someone offered you an alternative to plastic surgery and Botox®, would you listen? Something that was natural, safe, no side-effects and permanent, with very little cost comparatively!

Well, this is now a reality! A genius Professor of Physics, Dov Ingman, author and owner of 42 scientific studies and 15 patents has been working in the field of cosmetology for a number of years using 24K Gold nanotechnology.

Chemical Cosmetics – An Illusion?

Many cosmetic products, and there are more than 60,000 produced every year, promise the world in the shortest time possible. Is this an illusion?


Basically, yes, it is! Why? Because

most of the products contain very large molecules that cannot penetrate the outer layer of the skin, the Epidermis to get the the middle layer, or the Dermis. This is where the collagen creating the elasticity of the skin is

Large molecules such as collagen which is 8,000 – 50,000 Daltons, simply cannot penetrate the outer layer of the skin because it will not allow molecules much larger that 1,000 Daltons.found.

The illusion soon becomes a reality when you find out that the expensive cosmetics simply do nothing to eradicate wrinkles and pores, let alone helping the elasticity of the skin.

Enter Nanotechnology and Del’or

hNanoshells in Del’or products have a core of silica and a gold metallic outer layer, that leave no “toxic trail” in the body like chemical cosmetics.
Gravity is the dominant force at the macro scale, but at the Nanoscale electrostatic forces and quantum effects become dominant. One of the behaviours of nanoparticles is to REPEL each other – this is what allows the skin to “stretch” and eradicate wrinkles.

Nanoparticles make an excellent “delivery system” – taking nutrients to deeper layers of the skin that chemical cosmetics simply cannot reach!
The 24K Gold nanoparticles in the Del’or Gold Matrix Mask creates a multi functional net of Nano-particles (MATRIX). These repel each other due to their size and literally “stretch” the skin back to normal shape – its akin to “surgery” using the principles of physics as opposed to a scalpel!
This is a physical process, not a chemical one, and the results can be seen in 20 – 25 minutes!
The cases illustrated below show these dramatic results after only one application of the DEL’OR cosmetics:
                                     BEFORE                                                  AFTER (18 minutes)
                                    BEFORE                                                    AFTER (21 minutes)

                           BEFORE                                                  AFTER (17 minutes)



                             BEFORE                                                 AFTER (20 minutes)



                             BEFORE                                                 AFTER (22 minutes)



                            BEFORE                                                 AFTER (27 minutes)


There are 6 products in the DEL’OR range and these are all parts of the total treatment protocol. These products all contain 24K Gold nanoparticles and are as follows:


Micro-particles  of silicon are distributed over the surface of the skin to absorb impurities and dead cells of the skin.
2.  EYE GEL 24K
The Eye Gel contains strong algae from the Dead Sea and powerful antioxidants – vitamins C, D, E. It helps to eliminate puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, smoothes the skin and makes it more elastic. Regular use prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, the skin regenerates and restores its natural shine
3.  SERUM 24K
The Serum 24K imparts moisture to the skin and creates an active matrix – Micro-particles of silicon – skin becomes smooth and silky.
Natural oils, plant extracts and molecules of pure 24k colloid gold contained in the serum, moisturise and strengthen the skin.
The Booster Eye Mask is for the sensitive skin around the eyes with 24k gold nano-particles. It contains pure 24k Colloid gold and vitamins A and E. It strengthens the skin through the creation of an active Matrix of nano-particles. Reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and gives a healthy look to the skin.
The Booster Facial Mask 24K has an instant effect after the first application!
It contains, among other ingredients:
1) 24k gold particles
2) Aloe Vera
3) Hyaluronic acid
4) Antioxidant vitamins A and E
5) Powerful peptides that smooth and diminish wrinkles.
The Moisturiser’s base is made of specific silicon matrix (Matrix) enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants A, C and E. Minerals from the Dead Sea are a rich source of fatty acids and other active ingredients, protecting the skin from UV radiation.
delor range


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